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Thank you for visiting ourLED cube's website.
Cube's LED has since foundation roads, bridges, factories and
industrial lighting and indoor lighting
 Based on the excellent design and experience go beyond the primary role in ensuring the
brightness of the various facilities
 Pride as give a unique beauty.
It also planned to create a new cultural space for the art of lighting and user space formed
by light and harmonious surroundings.
Jyeoteumeuro the night time leisure activities of people and are growing longer by the light
gradually improving demand environment accordingly.
Cube LED's reliability is to recognize the importance of
lighting design, design, planning, delivery, construction and
 We will always do our best for customer satisfaction.
Continuous research and development and unique technology, will take the lead to build a
constantly growing company that specializes in outdoor lighting energy-saving, low-carbon,
High-efficiency LED light source that meets the continuous development and green growth
policies so that companies registered in the Public Procurement mall
 Please a lot of attention and aggressive favorite.
Thank you.
Ltd. LED Cube's CEO 조경순