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Grab a disadvantage because the heat of the LED lamp heat sink or a large standing force dissipation devices without built-in converter-type LED lamp lighting fixtures and lamp type, so that can use immediately, remove the older kkopahseo lamps (MH) Installation is no need to cut costs.

Can maintain the initial initial luminous flux decreases due to the failure by the lamp itself technological flux - over 108 lm / w per beam (see efficiency test results), and low power consumption minimizes the LED itself generates heat, lumen maintenance is world-class and the road surface uniform light distribution and greater the left and right intensity ratio spread is wide.

Built-in converter was developed as integral may be currently installed street lights, developed to replace light bulbs only, such as plant security, lower LED replacement costs significantly.

Lighting fixtures developed vegan can achieve the effect of reducing the state budget through the luminaire and recycling is currently installed All of this is a product with no competition in the LED industry as a technology only available vegan LED Stadium.