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The reason must be that the LED lighting business

  • can actively participate in the creation of economic development policy, and comply with government energy-saving policies and CO2 emissions control policy
  • ensuring the active source of power supply in accordance with such failure, maintenance of existing facilities and the reduction of fiscal losses due to nuclear power plant construction Add
  • Increase in export interests on the basis of the technology
  • expanded production to enable job creation and the economy
  • Re-emerging image of the world trade by activating the LED lighting market as an IT powerhouse

The reason must be that our skills

  • Replacement LED lighting business of many companies entered the competition by selling to a field of thinking that requires no tricky techniques.
    However, such large products, such as LED, street lights, security lights, floodlights have been the cause of failure in recent years due to the high power consumption, heat generation due more than a certain level and it is a situation which leads to consumer mistrust.
  • There are also consumers, increasing the cost and hassle when replacing existing facilities such as the LED in trouble.
  • This will be a leader not a competitor, so we all can achieve the effect of reducing the state budget, such as through the recycling of luminaires that are currently installed technology holds the only available technology per institute

Benefits of technology products developed by the retention